Welcome!! – You found me!

My name is Tiffany and I am a fifth-year doctoral student studying Clinical Forensic Psychology. I started this blog for a number of different reasons.

First, I do not consider myself a creative person by any means, but, I did want to create a platform where I could showcase all of the things that I love and that make me who I am. This blog will feature my love of food, fitness, photography, and natural hair amongst other things.

Second (and a small dose of self disclosure), I spend a large portion of my time “in my own head.” I often find myself daydreaming, thinking, wondering, wishing, and pondering. This blog will serve as an outlet for me to put my ideas down on paper (or screen in this sense).

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I wanted to create a platform for emerging clinicians of color, undergraduate and graduate students of color in psychology, and other individuals of color considering a career in mental health.

As an African American woman I often find myself living and learning in mostly “white” spaces and my journey through graduate school was a reflection of this. Now, as I am nearing the end of my academic and clinical training, I will be entering a field (psychology) that is dominated by white women and a subfield (forensic psychology) that is dominated by older white men. It is very hard to see myself represented in certain places unless I actively seek out certain people, networks and connections.

When I first decided to go to graduate school and began my search for different programs, I sought out blogs and youtube channels in hopes that there were Black women documenting their journeys. I was hoping to gain an understanding of graduate school in hopes that I would be better prepared for the journey. However, I didn’t find any. I started toying around with the idea of starting my own blog a few years ago, but convinced myself that no one would read it (more on not carrying what people think at a later date), and thus, I never started one.

Until now.

This blog will serve to discuss current events regarding psychology and mental health, the field of forensic psychology in general, my journey through graduate school, and the pros and cons of being a Black woman in a white space.

Follow me through this thing called life.

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