Since being introduced to the podcast world, they’re pretty much all I listen to. They especially come in handy when I’m traveling long distances. So, without further ado here are my favorite podcasts!



the read

Hand’s down, no competition! The Read is by far my FAVORITE podcast. Kid Fury and Crissle keep me laughing for an entire hour (sometimes more if we’re lucky)! The awesome duo tackle everyday issues from annoying celebrity drama to real world problems facing the Black and LGBTQIA communities. I get my doses of tea, shade, and education all in one! If you love vulgar language and laughing with friends, give them a listen! My favorite episode (too many to name, but I’ll give you a slice): Smell & Taste


Who doesn’t love Serial? A friend introduced me to the podcast shortly after they became popular during their season 1 story featuring Adnan Syed. I’ve been hooked ever since! There’s something about the way Sarah Koenig walks the audience through the story as it unfolds that makes it truly authentic. Sometimes I get goosebumps when I listen. My favorite episode (you definitely have to start from the beginning): The Alibi


I discovered Undisclsoed shortly after I became OBSESSED with Adnan’s story. I’ve learned so much about the criminal justice system through Rabia, Susan, and Colin, and it makes my own professional research that much more important! My favorite episode: ALL OF THEM!



An oldie but a goodie! This American Life has been around for years and is most likely the Godfather of all podcasts. I love hearing stories from everyday strangers. My favorite episode: The Problem We All Live With Part 1.




I love how effortlessly Heben and Tracy mix comedy with topics that actually matter (i.e. feminism, racism, and any other ‘ism you feel like inserting). And, it also doesn’t hurt that every episode includes alcohol (hence the title)! My favorite episode: Episode 25 – Stop Telling Women To Smile

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