So I realized that I haven’t done one of these posts in a long time and wanted to share a new day since I switched rotations. For my second rotation as a psychology resident, I completed training on the Chemical Dependency Unit and worked with women struggling with substance abuse. Working in substance abuse can be such a rewarding experience, but also completely exhausting at the same time.

6:30am: I crawl out of bed after hitting the SNOOZE button for the umpteenth time and hop in the shower.

7:45am: I make it to work with a little time to spare to check my email.

8:00am: I head downstairs for morning meeting. During this time, we learn about anything major that happened on the unit the night before (e.g. discharges, illnesses, interpersonal issues between patients (this comes up a lot)). This is also an opportunity for the treatment team to discuss important things that are happening that day or that are coming up within the week. If there are any new admissions on the unit, the  team has an opportunity to meet the new patient’s during this time as well.

9:00am: I co-facilitate my first group of the day which focuses on helping my patients to work through the 12-step program.

11:00am:  I’ll meet with one of my patient’s for individual therapy and help her work through some tough issues!

12:00pm: Lunch time. I stuff my face with carbs and power up on coffee before heading into my afternoon groups (therapy can take a lot out of you).

1:30pm: I co-facilitate my second group of the day which focuses on trauma and healing.

3:00pm: I co-facilitate my last group of the day which is a psycho-educational class that teaches our patient’s about Dialectical Behavior Therapy and how to implement some of the core components in their lives.

4:00pm: I meet with another patient for individual therapy – we decide to take a walk in the nice spring weather as we have our session.

4:50pm: I rush back to my office to write my progress notes before heading out for the day.

5:30pm: I make it home and change into my workout clothes and head to yoga class.

7:45pm: Yoga was awesome! I grab a quick bite to eat before heading home and getting lost in reality TV.

9:30pm: After a quick shower, I climb in bed and watch Netflix until I fall asleep.


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