Photography and Travel

Hey There!

I decided to combine my travel and photography pages into one since they both go hand-in-hand for me. I’ve always been interested in photography and had the opportunity to take a beginner’s course last summer.

While I am definitely not a pro, I do love taking pictures of interesting things and perfecting my skills. The best part about photography is  capturing small moments of places, people and things that will forever be frozen in time.

I’ve been able to test my photography skills on recent trips that I’ve take abroad. I made a promise to myself that I would visit one new country every year.

The pictures below are from my two most recent trips to Bali, Indonesia and Santiago, Chile. Both are fantastic places with amazing culture, food, and people. I plan to go into detail about each adventure in a separate post. But for now, you can enjoy some teasers.

Chilean me

Being a tourist outside of the hotel in Santiago, Chile. This street/district was designed by a father and son duo. They designed this area to resemble both Paris and London. Many of the restaurants, hotels, and hostels in this area have English and French cuisine/themes. If you look closely, the building behind me is named Hotel Paris.

Financial District.JPG

A bank in the financial district of Santiago, Chile.

Pabloe Neruda Ocean

The ocean behind famous Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda’s house.

Mt. Batur

Mt. Batur in Bali, Indonesia. This is an active volcano! The restaurant overlooked this beauty.

New Years

Happy New Year from Bali!

Water Palace

Bali Water Palace Tirtagangga.Water Palace 2

Another picture from the water palace. Bali has many sites where locals and visitors can go  for religious ceremonies or personal healing. Tirtagangga is HUGE and has many influences from Balinese and Chinese culture.